Foamed PS photo frame machine production line

This line produces foamed PS frame profiles which are widely used in making photo frame, optical frame, door frame board, skirting board and wood-like molding etc. The advantages of this production line are as follows: easy foaming, high efficiency and low production cost, etc.

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Model Main Extruder Co-extruder Output(kg/h) Production Speed(m/min) Hot Stamping Machine(set) Embossing Machine(set)
PS65 SJ65 SJ35 30 0.5-7 4 2
PS80 SJ80 SJ35 50 0.5-7 6 2
PS90 SJ90 SJ45 60 0.5-7 6 2
PS100 SJ100 SJ45 70 0.5-7 8 2
PS120 SJ120 SJ45 90 0.5-7 10 2
PS150 SJ150 SJ45 120 0.5-7 12 2
Function :
Melten the PS pellets ready for extruding
Function :
Forming the shape of the ps foam frame
Function :
Cool the ps frame and determine the shape of it.
Function :
Dispose PS foam frames’ coating
Function :
Pull the profile to next step and cut it in particular length