PVC Compounding Pelletizing Line

The PVC compounding pelletizing line which deisgned by Greenwill machinery,It is appllied for rigid PVC, soft PVC and transparent PVC compounding and pelletizing.
Our machine capacity can get 100-800kg per hour. the final pvc granules can be used to produce pvc injection, high quality upvc pipe/ profile,pvc carpet and soft pvc pipe.

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the capacity of the pet wahsing line
1. 300kg per hour 2. 500kg per hour
3. 1000kg per hour 4. 1500kg per hour
5. 2000kg per hour 6. 3000kg per hour

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Main machine list:

Function :

Melte and mix the raw materials.

Pelletize the pvc coumpounding products.
Function :
Make the hot pvc granules cooling bu air to avoid them stick to each other

This kind cooling tower will make the pvc granules cooling without break the granules,and save area.