Steel enforced PVC pipe machine production line

Steel enforced PVC  pipe production line which can produces steel enforced pvc pipes , the raw material is transparent PVC plastic and spiral steel wire.This kind of pipe has the advantages of good negative pressure resistance, good corrosion resistance, static resistance.

It is mainly used in machinery, such as chemical industry, building, irrigation and vacuum pumps, etc. It can transport combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid.

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Model Extruder Diameter(mm) Output(kg/h) Installed Power(KW)
GWPS45 SJ45/28 Φ12-Φ20 20-40 30
GWPS65 SJ65/28 Φ20-Φ50 40-75 40
GWPS90 SJ90/28 Φ50-Φ100 100-130 50
GWPS120 SJ120/28 Φ100-Φ150 120-150 75
GWPS150 SJ150/28 Φ150-Φ200 150-200 110
Function :
Melten soft pvc and extude it into the mould
Function :
Form the shape of pipes
Function :
Coiling the steel wire to a particular diameter
Function :
Extrude the outer layer and color lines of the pipes.
Function :
Cool the pipe from the mould and form its shape.
Function :
Pull the pipes to next step.
Function :
Roll the final products for easy store