PET Packing Strap Making Machine

Greenwill PET packing strap making machine which can produce one and two strap in one time,
it adopt the melting pump and pressure sensor to ensure the production stable and strap quality control.The raw material is 100% recycled pet flakes from the waste pet bottles,or virgin material or mixed with each other. Advantage:
1.Use 100% Recycled PET Flakes to reduce the cost
2.Good dehumidifer drying system(Crystallization system optional ) to ensure the material equal dryer to produce high quality strapping.

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Model Capacity (kg/h ) Strap size (mm) Installed Power Manpower Machine size Manpower Machine size
(KW) (L*W*H m) (L*W*H m)
SJ65/33 Single strap 50~60 9~19 85 1~2 35*4*5 1~2 35*4*5
SJ75/33 Single strap 80~100 9~19 100 1~2 38*4*6 1~2 38*4*6
SJ75/33 Double strap 80~120 9~19 110 1~2 40*4*6 1~2 40*4*6
SJ90/33 Double strap 120~150 9~19 150 1~2 45*5*7 1~2 45*5*7
SJ120/33 Double strap 150~200 9~19 220 1~2 45*5*7 1~2 45*5*7


Function :
This system is used for PET pre-crystallization ,and ensure the material equal dryer to produce high quality PET strap.

Pelletize the pvc coumpounding products.

Function: Cool the straps to a particular shape for next step
Function :
Filter:impurities from raw materials to improve the quality of finished products
melt pump: make the plastic float more smoothly
mould: shap the pet starp at special size.

Function: Tration,heat stretch, and emboss the belt strap.

Function:Remove the internal stress from the packing belt for getting good products.
Function: wind the final products for easy stock